• "Hi"
  • It's simple, short word but it's how love starts.

"Love is caring for each other even when you’re angry"

- Idk but GOLD

Dear Justin,

We are looking for SOMEBODY TO LOVE, ALL AROUND THE WORLD & AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME, i will NEVER SAY NEVER. We will go back DOWN TO EARTH, where i can DIE IN YOUR ARMS, I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO, BABY imma tell you ONE TIME that when YOU SMILE, I SMILE. I will always be NEXT TO YOU & I’ll catch you if you FALL, i will TAKE YOU, out of town. 

When your emotions go OVERBOARD it’ll BE ALRIGHT because you are my ONE LOVE, i PRAY that i’ll always be your ONE LESS LONELY GIRL. I am STUCK IN THE MOMENT at the THOUGHT OF YOU & ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU under the MISTLETOE on CHRISTMAS EVE. So just LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO.

Cause RIGHT HERE, during our 1st DANCE to BEAUTY AND A BEAT is where we started CATCHING FEELINGS. I BELIEVE that you LOVE ME & that rest of us will go NOWHERE BUT UP. I’m so glad you’re my BOYFRIEND, You’re my WORLD 2.0


"A little fishy told me to “Just keep swimming”"

- Talia Joy Castellano
  • Friends : Hey, can i borrow your pen?
  • Me : Sure.
  • *tomorrow*
  • Me : Where's my pen?
  • Friends : i'll give u tomorrow.
  • *2 weeks later*
  • Friends : Sorry, i lose it.
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I drift off only to be roused by nightmares that have increased in number and intensity. Peeta, who spends much of the night roaming the train, hears me screaming as I struggle to break out of the haze of drugs that merely prolong the horrible dreams. He manages to wake me and calm me down. Then he climbs into bed to hold me until I fall back to sleep. After that, I refuse the pills. But every night I let him into my bed. We manage the darkness as we did in the arena, wrapped in each other’s arms, guarding against dangers that can descend at any moment. Nothing else happens, but our arrangement quickly becomes a subject of gossip on the train.

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My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am seventeen years old. My home is district 12. There is no district 12. I am the Mockingjay. I brought down the Capitol. President Snow hates me. He killed my sister. Now I will kill him. And then The Hunger Games will be over.

She is a brave girl. Love her!

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Tiva & lyrics - Mine Would Be You

I miss ziva :(

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